We do not believe you are here  at this time and this place by accident but by Divine appointment.

If you have wondered what a Light Worker is and if you are one.  This is your confirmation  of that calling on your life.

If you are a novice Light Worker, or a seasoned Light Worker- or anything in between, you will find classes and resources 
to help you grow your light.

What is  a Light Worker?
A Light Worker is simply one that is committed to raising their own vibration to the highest possible level  to the end that the darkness around them must attrain to the Light  and itself  become Light.

The  by-product of this higher vibration is  powerful  energy healing as well as communication with higher vibration beings - angels, guides & others who walk in the Light and work for our highest and best good. 

We hope you will linger long & visit  often

Connie & Kathryn

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