The following is an excellent invocation to be used when you rise & also before you do any energy or metaphysical work.  It grounds, attunes and protects the energy worker.


I call down the white light through my crown chakra, allowing it to fill every cell, every molecule, every atom of my being - cleansing and purifying me from all things negative - sending them directly down to the Mineral Kingdom where they will be absorbed and renewed.

I ground by sending golden roots from the soles of my  feet deep down into the center of the earth where Mother Earth and I become one.

I attune by accessing my higher power - Gpd, Spirit, Universe. And I call in the attendance of my healing helpers  - guides, guardians, saints, angels, archangels, ascended masters, fairies, pixies, elementals and others who are in the Light and only those who work in my highest and best good,

I protect by stepping into a golden merkabah that reflects all negativity and protects me on all levels. 

I call it done and say thanks.

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